Dr Tony Winzor was one of the founder members of the West Cumbria Woodturners.  Over the years he has been the treasurer of the club.

Tony was a very experienced wood turner and when combining his wood turning skills with his formal qualifications in Physics he has had dynamic results.

Tony passed away in March 2015. Now Tony has departed not only has he left behind the legacy of a brilliant wood turner and a sincere person, he has left the club with all his books and DVD's.

In Tony's memory the club has used Tony's books and DVD's to start The WCWT Library. It was found recently that the library was not being utilised by members so Tony's books and DVD's also any other books that was donated to the Library will be sold-off to members. The list below will be removed once the items have been sold.

Books Woodturning
Number Title Author
B1 Illustrated wood turning techniqes John Huuex
B2 Wood Turning, a foundation course Keith Rowley
B3 Wood Turner Bert Marsh
B4 Wood Turning Techniques Mike Darlow
B5 Turned Bowl Design Richard Raffan
B6 Further notes from the Turning Workshop Bill Joans
B7 Turning Wooden Jewelry Judy Ditmer
B8 Woodturning Christmas ornaments Dale L Nish
B9 Turning Boxes with friction fitted lids Bill Bowers
B10 Understanding Woodturning Ann and Bob Philips
B11 Fine Woodworking on face plate turning Fine Woodworking Mag
B12 Fine Woodworking on face plate turning Fine Woodworking Mag
B13 Artistic Wood Turning Dale L Nish
B14 Woodturning a source book of shapes John Hunnex
B15 Illustrated wood turning techniqes Richard Raffan
B16 Woodturning a manual of techniques Hugh O'n
B17 The Craftsman Woodturner Peter Child
B18 The Craftsman Woodturner a revised edition Peter Child
B19 The art of the lathe Patrick Spieman
B20 Guide to woodturning and equipment John Sainsbury
B21 The Craftsman Woodturner Peter  Child
B22 Turning pens and pencils Kid Christensen & Rex Burningham
B23 Winning Designs for Woodturning Alan & Jill Bridgewater
B24 Woodturning an individual approach Dave Register
B25 Wonders In wood the art of the woodterner Ass of Woodturners of GB
B26 Creative Woodturning Dale L Nish
B27 Turned Boxes 50 designs Chriss Scott
B28 Woodturning Trickery David Springfitte with John Devenport
B29 Woodturning Wizardry (revised edition) David Springette
B30 Pleasure and Profit from Woodturning Reg Sherwin
B31 Woodturning a fresh approach Robert Chapman
B32 Woodturning Masterclass Artistry.Style.Inspiration Tony Boase
B33 Illustrated Turning Techniques John Hunnex
B34 Making Screw Threads in wood Fred Holder
Books Woodturning
Number Title Author
B35 Adventures in Wood Turning (Tecniques and Projects) David Springette
B36 Carving on Turning Chris Pye
B37 Wood Turning Book (A source of shapes) John Hunnex
B38 Bowl Turning Tecniques Masterclass Tony Boase
B39 Woodturning Jewellery Hillary Bowen
B40 Decorative tecniques for wood turners Hillary Bowen
B41 Wood Turning Phil Irons
B42 Wood turning forms and materials John Hunnex
B43 Turn a Bowl Ernie Conover
B44 Turning Green Wood Michael O'Donnell
B45 Shapes for Woodturners David Weldon
B46 Decorative Turned Wood Liz & Michael o'Donnell
B47 Segmented Turning Ron Hampton
B48 Wood Turning Techniques Wood Turning Magazine
B49 Wood Turning Ray Key
B50 Woodturning a Guide to Advanced Techniques Hugh O'neill
B51 Practical designs for Wood Turning Roland Seale
B52 Practical tips for Turners and Carvers Guild of Master Craftsman Publications
B53 Guide to Woodturning tools and Equipment John Sainsbury
B54 Pens from the Wood Lathe Dick Sing
B55 The Woodworkers book of Turning The Woodworkers Magazine


Workshop Books


Title Author
WS1 How to sharpen every blade in your workshop Don Geary
WS2 Wood and How to dry it Fine woodworking
WS3 The wood handbook for Craftsmen David Johnston
WS4 The complete Woodworkers manual Albert Jackson and David Day
WS5 Making work benches Sam Allen
WS6 The Workshop (Design.Building.Equipping) Tim Kingshot
WS7 Wood Identification and use Terry Porter
WS8 Good Wood Guide Albert Jackson and David Day
WS9 Bandsaw Handbook Mark Duginske
WS10 Router Workshop John Sainsbury
WS11 Tablesaw basics Roger W Cliffe
WS12 Woodworker Joinery The Woodworkers Magazine
WS13 Machine and Power Tools for Woodwork Gordon Stokes
WS14 The resousefull Woodworker Robert Wearing
WS15 Wood Joints Anthony Hontoir


Carving, Marquetry andVeneering
Number Title Author
CMV1 Chip carving Techniques and Patterns Wayne Barton
CMV2 Marquetry and inlay Handbook Zachary Taylor
CMV3 The Marquetry Course Jack Metcalf and John Apps
CMV4 The Complete Manual of Wood Veneering William A Lincoln
CMV5 The complete wood finishing Ian Hosker
CMV6 The  Encylopedia of wood (Revised Edition)




Title Author
DVD1 The Inside Story (A study in hollw form turning) Mark Sanger
DVD2 Hope for us all (Fine Wood Turning) Simon Hope
DVD3 Woodturning Techniques Gary Rance
DVD4 Sharpening Woodturning Tools Mike Darlow
DVD5 Platter Magic Nick Arnull
DVD6 A Master couse in Woodturning (Series 3 Advanced) EliAvesera
DVD7 Finishing and colouring Mark Raby
DVD8 Rons Rout to Success (Volume 1 Woodrat) Ron Fox
DVD9 What a relief Seasoning for a textured bowl Mark Sanger
DVD10 Mike Mahoney on theMcNauton Centre Saver Mike Mahoney
DVD11 Gary Rances Pendant Jig Gary Rance
DVD12 Edge tool sharpening the Tormek way Tormek

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